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Harmony and Romione
The thing which bother's me the most is when people interpret a scene that is not canon and say its open to each person individually but if its something involving canon, its not. An example is the Harry and Hermione dance which bother's many and I honestly don't understand why. Since JK Rowling did not write it in any of the Harry Potter books using it as a text,no one can just say that its not meant to be a particular way. If David Yates, Heyman or any previous directors, writers, crew members, or the production team add a scene and say "This is how its supposed to be played out and the impression we feel. The whole message is this and that," You cant just say, "Well I don't see it like that because of this and that." Listing reason's why or why not. They see something else but it does belong to them. In no way is it canon. Just because Harry and Hermione had a platonic relationship in the book and nothing romantic does not mean the dance is friendly with Harry cheering Hermione up.
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Danijela Zivadinovic
United States
Drarry is my Poison, drug, addiction, obsession. They are the most hottest and sexiest couple I have ever seen in my whole entire life. OTP FOREVER!!!!!!!!!
Draco shows signs of being interested in Potter and Harry gives in to him and returns that as well. It's hard to ship Harry and Draco together because they are very complicated and complex. Their relationship is the most challenging one because they have to face many obstacles. To understand how they would work out together, one must really look at the clear picture and be open to the idea of male/male together because if someone isn't then he/she wouldn't even try to consider the possiblity of the two together or any other characters. Those people tend to focus more on the negatives then the positives and that's another main factor why people can't stand Harry/Draco as a couple. There are others as well but that is just one example. Harry and Draco have mixed signals towards each other because each of them thinks one thing which means another. For the relationship to work out, they need to communicate one on one more and just the two of them alone without any interruptions.

Harry and Draco are very similar but yet so different as well. A relationship can't work if two people are the same because it requires some minor differences too. Ever heard the saying, "No two people are alike?" Harry may get along with other's and share some similarities and differences here and there but the point is, no one is the same as another person even if they do have things in common. Each and every individual is their own person. There are more differences between two people then similarities. Harry and Draco may not even think for one second they share the same interests and that's different from how the readers view that as. They are fictional characters who think something which may or may not be true without realizing it and then the readers can pick up on whats goes on and such. Another thing, a relationship can't be interesting if the couple has only similarities and no differences, none for that matter. Being too alike is just boring and not fun.

Although one is Halfblood and the other pureblood it still isn't much of a big difference. Pureblood and Halfblood are pretty close if you ask me. Draco's behavior is the direct result of his parents ignorance and racism. That's how he was raised to act. From the second a person is born the parents take control and action. It's their responsibility to teach the kid right from wrong or one way over the other. Anything they say or do is going to have an effect on him/her later on as they get older. Draco's parents did not do him justice instead the total opposite. Harry's parents on the other hand died while he was just a baby and they couldn't really do anything to help him in any way. shape or form. He was placed into the home of the Dursley's who hate his parents and him. They didn't really pay him much attention. Harry has many choice soutside of his home and Draco can't pick and choose because he has to do everything his parents expect him to because of their selfish reasons and poor attitude. You think Draco wanted to turn into a bully? No way, that wasn't his decision. He wanted things done differently. If he could go back and change something it would be his lifestyle and parents. Harry has people who are close to him such as the Weasleys and Hermione and that's about it. Sirius and Dumbledore died so he lost them and they were like his family. Draco has no real friends and family support which is sad because he can't discuss his problems with anyone and get help when he needs it. He is alone in the world.

Anyone who fights against Voldemort and wins victories is considered a miracle, not lucky. He is the most powerful wizard of all time. Sometimes I think Voldemort doesn't even give his best to kill Harry. Maybe he wants Harry to live. Again, Draco doesn't only have one side to him and I don't like when people only think that. Deep down Draco has a side to him none of us have ever seen and the characters. He has a completely different personality. He wants to hold loyalty to the Malfoy name and obey his parents to make them satisfied and happy. He can't do anything he wants for himself because that would be betraying his whole family and that's not something he wants either. So he is stuck. Harry has freedom and an open mind because no is able to control him and tell him "I want you to do this and that" he doesn't have any restrictions. Harry also has no rules to follow. Draco has Totalitarian parents who tell him what's necessary and what isn't. Harry doesn't take dislike in Draco because he saved him from the fire and that's risking your life for some you supposively claim to not like. He may dislike Draco but not hate him and vice versa. There is a big difference. Draco has other qualities then just one. Keep that in mind.

Being a slytherin or Gryffindor has nothing to do with whether or not Draco or Harry dislike each other. From the beginning, Draco wanted Harry's friendship but received a rejection instead which started the rivalry. If it hadn't been for that one incident then everything happening between them now wouldn't be. There would be a different type of relationship. If Draco hadn't insulted Harry's friends and people he loves then Harry and Draco would have become friends despite the houses their in. Growing up in different houses has nothing to do with how they treat other people. Draco grew up with a wealthy family and gets everything he wants and Draco has been locked up in a cell his whole life and didn't have the opportuniy to do any activities. He was always treated unfairly and abused emotionallly and mentally. Draco gets thing handed to him as long as he does such and such. So just because they also have different hair color they can't work? That is the most stupidest thing I have ever heard along with the mention of the house thing. They do have similarities. Both are in connection with Voldemort. Harry didn't couldn't choose to not be the-boy-who-lived and Draco coudln't choose to not join the dark side. Both play quidditch. Both have the same classes. Both know how to fly. Both are the same age and gender. Both have a difficult life. Both know how to ride a blue. Both of them fear something. Those are just a few of many.

Draco doesn't intend to be mean. It just happens. A part of who he is. Being a Malfoy is not an easy task. He doesn't want to disappoint his parents and or betray them because that in his case would be considered wrong. Sometimes in life, things don't always go as planned. He insults people because Harry didn't befriend him in first year because if he had then he probably wouldn't be like this. Harry would have become his friends if Draco didn't throw the insults at the people Harry loves and cares about a lot. The results would be different. He is a human being who makes mistakes. Besides, Harry himself is not perfect either. Both of them have faults and fears which is normal for everyone. Neither is better then the other. Both of them are equals and have a very powerful dynamic. The only person who can truly influence Draco in a positive way is no one other then Harry because everything Harry tells Draco he takes to heart and vice versa. They cause each other to react with emotions and feeling something no one else is capable of getting them to do. They are rivals not enemies. They are extremely competitive with each other and their relationship is intense to the point when it's enough. They just don't know when to quit. Perhaps this is a game they have been playing from the start.

There is so much Harry/Draco subtext in the books from "Harry hadn't been less interested in Quidditch, he was rapidbly becoming obsessed with Draco Malfoy" to "Harry you are a bit obsessed with Malfoy to "I wan't to see what Draco is doing inside you" those are just three examples. There are more from the first book and so on all the way to the last book and it just keeps building up. Instead of saying obsessed it could have been something like, "Harry wanted to discover the truth about Draco Malfoy" to give us the impression he isn't stalking him or following him around. It could have been worded differently. We already know the only reason Harry even became obsessed with Draco is because he wanted to find the truth about Draco's plot to kill Dumbledore. The point is he is obsessed. That's a canon fact whichever way one looks at it. The attraction is noticeable only to those who are more open minded and want to look for some evidence. It's all written in between the lines. That requires focus. Harry and Draco do not only lack Mutual disdain. One minute they are fighting and the next there is a moment. As for the attraction thing, Draco is more obvious when it comes to that and Harry shows it through his actions. They are clearly infatuated with each other and give each other a lot of attention. Harry and Draco know more about each other then they do about other people.

That's the one thing I hate when people refer to Harry as the Hero who saves people because he is Harry Potter the-boy-who-lived. He can't save everybody because that's highly impossible. If it were possible then no one would be dead. If Harry really loathes Draco then he would have let him burn in the fire and die. He did not save Goyle but instead saved Draco. Goyle died in the fire and Harry could have easily risked his life for Goyle but no, he went after Draco. Harry and Draco are nothing without each other. Everything they know now is because they found each other. They overpower each other with words. They both know how to get under each other's skin. It's like a cycle repeating over and over again to no end. Now Peter Pettigrew is an entirely different story. This isn't about him but if it were then Harry probably saved his life too because he used to be an old friend of his parents even though he did betray them which hurt Harry. He felt bad about the whole situation, Peter did. Draco/Harry relationship is intriguing and intoxicating. It's like an addictive drug. Harry and Draco need each other for many reasons. They complete each other beyond comprehension. They can sense each other's presense and know how to start a commotion and make a scene. They don't even try because when they are around each other, it all comes naturally. No one tells them to argue, they just do it. They can't even be away from each other.

They only insult each other because they can't really express how the other feels especially when they are surrounded by so many people a day. They don't even have any alone time, barely. Harry and Draco have to say everything that's expected due to their houses who want to hear the negative rather then the positive. People spend most of their time listing and focusing on Draco's Negative characteristics instead of taking into consideration the positives. Draco is not only one person. He has a different personality deep within himself which he isn't allowing himself to show. We never get hear Draco's point of view and a glimpse into his mind to see how he truly feels. People just disregard that. Their relationship is very developed because it kept getting stronger each year and it changes throughout. In this relationship you can always expect the unexpected. Harry and Draco are unpredictable. No one knows whats going to happen. The relationship is exciting and anticipating. Harry is the only person who can cause Draco to change for the better and vice versa.

A relationship needs committment, determination, loyalty, respect, honesty, love, care and an understanding. Harry and Draco shouldn't change for each other but remain who they are. The only think Draco would need to do in order to be Harrie's partner is to apologize to his friends and everyone he loves. The apology needs to be convincing and rael. It will take a long time before all those people can forgive him but they will know he did it. He should first start with Harry because he is the main target. Then move his way from there. Harry and Draco are possible. Nothing is impossible. I believe Draco and Harry would have a beautiful relationship if they did get together or do. People seem to underestimate them. They have so much potential.



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